New Dunesk Gap Year, an initiative of PIM

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The New Dunesk Gap Year is an exciting opportunity for young people to grow in their faith while also building practical farm and ministry skills, allowing them to share in PIM’s vision to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in remote and sparsely populated areas of Australia. Develop a whole range of useful farm skills, including fencing, driving and …

Moderator’s Message – Easter 2022

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Easter is with us again, and it’s never been more relevant. Ukraine is devastated by war; our nation continues to move away from its ‘Christian’ past to neo-paganism. Christians and the Christian faith are being pushed more and more to the margins of society while hostility towards Christian teaching and practice, especially in the public square, is on the increase. …

Good Friday Appeal

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The Health and Community Chaplaincy Committee’s Good Friday Appeal will be held on 15th April, 2022. Please view our appeal presentation here Please prayerfully consider giving financially to the work of the HCCC.

Korean Awards for three early Australian Women Missionaries

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Three Australian missionaries from Victoria have been recognized by the government of the Republic of Korea for the independence movement in Korea in 1919 and awarded the Medal of Honour of the Republic of Korea. They are Isabella (Belle) Menzies, founder of the Busanjin Ilsin Girl’s school (now Dongrae Women’s High School), Margaret Davies, then principal of the school and …

Welcome to the PCV Ministry Wives’ Chaplain: Kellie Davis

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REV PHILIP COURT Convener , Health & Community Chaplaincy Committee The Health & Community Chaplaincy Committee is delighted to announce the appointment of Kellie Davis as our Ministry Wives’ Chaplain.  We selected Kellie from a strong field of applicants.  She has a passion for ministering to women, an excellent mix of qualifications, and a robust life experience, including being a …

Moderator General’s Ukrainian Refugee Appeal

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Many of us have been shocked at the unfolding events in Ukraine following the invasion of Russian military forces. This has resulted in thousands of refugees fleeing for their lives to neighbouring countries, including Hungary.APWM Associate missionary, and Presbyterian Church of Australia minister, The Rev Dr Granville Pillar and his wife Ibolya, live just 50km from the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. They …

A review of Women’s Ministries Victoria “Sustained” Conference – On the Road 2021

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WMV On The Road returns this year (2022) in Ballarat, Benalla and Warragul This article was written by Meredith Angel and originally appeared in Fellow Workers Spring 2021 edition “Have you heard about ‘Sustained’ in June?” a friend asked me at another Women’s conference earlier in the year. “No” I replied, already considering how ‘spiritually fat’ I might get by …

Award to honour Belle Menzies

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Peter Phillips – Moderator, Presbyterian Church of Victoria On behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, I congratulate Dr Myong Duk Yang and the Busanjin Presbyterian Church on the publication of this record of the missionary service of Miss Belle Menzies in Korea, and for releasing it to coincide with her receiving the Korean Government Ministry of Patriots and Veterans …

Embracing the Gospel

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If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck. But what can you see about a church that shows it really is a church? I was struck by a recent news story entitled ‘I think I’ve accidentally joined a cult’ (ABC News 7th September 2021). The tactics sounded strangely familiar: a group who approached …