Greetings from the Moderator of the General Assembly and his wife

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A Christmas reflection – Peter Phillips, Moderator December 2022 In his recent Christmas Message Rev Dr Peter Barnes, Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church confesses that ‘As a pastor, I always found preaching at Christmas more difficult than I perhaps should have.’ One of the reasons for this difficulty, which is not exclusive to Dr Barnes, but common to every …

Moderator’s Flood Appeal 2022

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Peter Phillips, Moderator Update on 13 December 2022 The Moderator’s Flood Appeal will close 31 December 2022. Our moderator, Peter Phillips, extends his hearty thanks to all the members and friends and congregations of the Church who by generously contributing to this appeal have provided funds for the support and the encouragement of brothers and sisters in Christ in a …

PCV Ministry Family Camp Returns to Phillip Island in 2023

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27 September 2022 – Rev Phil Court, Convener After a hiatus of three pandemic-restricted years, the Ministry Family Camp is scheduled to return! The PCV’s Health & Community Chaplaincy Committee has secured the old stamping ground Phillip Island Adventure Resort  for the three days of:  Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 April 2023 Here’s an opportunity for our pastors, wives and children to come …

Spending a day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II

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Peter Phillips, Moderator 17 September 2022 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced that Thursday 22nd of September, 2022, will be a public holiday, the “National Day of Mourning for Her Majesty The Queen”.  He said, “I hope all Australians who wish to pay their respects can participate in the gatherings, commemorations and tributes that will be held, as well as share …

St John’s Bendigo celebrates its 150th

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It was way back in July 1872, when a report came to the Presbytery of Castlemaine concerning Presbyterian worship in Sandhurst. The first Presbyterian Church in Bendigo (Snow St Andrew’s Uniting Church) had been established in 1854, and so this report, which came 18 years later, stated that worship services would still be well attended if a second Presbyterian Charge …

Korean Medals Presentation

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3rd May 2022 Rev Peter W Phillips, Moderator of the General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of VictoriaMrs Roslyn Brown, President of the Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union, Victoria Three Australian missionaries from Victoria have been recognised by the government of the Republic of Korea for their outstanding contributions to independence and national foundation. They are Isabella (Belle) Menzies, founder of the Busanjin …

New Dunesk Gap Year, an initiative of PIM

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The New Dunesk Gap Year is an exciting opportunity for young people to grow in their faith while also building practical farm and ministry skills, allowing them to share in PIM’s vision to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in remote and sparsely populated areas of Australia. Develop a whole range of useful farm skills, including fencing, driving and …

Moderator’s Message – Easter 2022

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Easter is with us again, and it’s never been more relevant. Ukraine is devastated by war; our nation continues to move away from its ‘Christian’ past to neo-paganism. Christians and the Christian faith are being pushed more and more to the margins of society while hostility towards Christian teaching and practice, especially in the public square, is on the increase. …

Good Friday Appeal

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The Health and Community Chaplaincy Committee’s Good Friday Appeal will be held on 15th April, 2022. Please view our appeal presentation here Please prayerfully consider giving financially to the work of the HCCC.