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The Building and Property Committee is responsible for considering the plans and specifications of proposed new congregational buildings or the alteration of existing congregational buildings. Approval of the plans and specifications is only granted after consultation with the church architect to ensure that the proposal when constructed will meet the needs of the congregation and is suitable for the site it is located on and represents the full, proper and economic utilisation.

The Church Architect, Les Oliver, is engaged by the PCV to assist the Committee in the assessment of applications referred to him by the Committee.

The Church Architect can be engaged to advise and assist boards with church and manse building matters as detailed in PCV Code 2.20(c) as follows:

c) obtain the advice of the Church Architect, on such contractual terms as they agree, when:
i)       there is any serious defect in any building; or

ii)      a new building is to be erected or purchased; or

iii)     an existing building is to be substantially altered.

However, plans and/or specifications of proposed works are not required to be prepared by the Church Architect.

PCV Code 2021

Making an application to erect, extend or alter a building.

Applications for the approval of plans and specifications are to be addressed to the Building and Property Committee.

The following extract from PCV Code 2021 Committee Regulations 5 Building and Property Committee subclause 7 details the information to be provided with the application.

Applications must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable the committee to make a proper evaluation of the proposal. Where the works relate to a new building or extensions/alterations to existing buildings this information should include, but not be limited to the following:

a)       reasons for the proposed changes and a brief description of the project;

b)       outline of proposed uses for the new spaces or facilities including expected number of people;

c)        where appropriate, the number of members and adherents of the congregation;

d)       anticipated cost and method of funding the proposed works;

e)       drawings, specifications, notes and general information of sufficient detail to clearly define the extent of works proposed;

f)        in the case of extended or altered buildings, drawings indicating the existing conditions;

g)       details of any discussions with local Council and requirement for Planning and/or Building Permits.

PCV Code 2021

When the Committee receives the application, it is forwarded to the Church Architect for comment to ensure that the proposal when constructed will meet the needs of the congregation and is suitable for the site it is located on and represents the full, proper and economic utilisation.

The Church Architect will consider the proposal and make recommendations to the Committee on whether there are any issues that have not been addressed or whether there are any changes required to the application.

The Committee will consider the recommendations from the Church Architect and make a decision as to whether to approve the application or whether to request additional information or changes to be made to the application and advise the applicant accordingly.

The applicant should be aware that this approval is only one step in the process and that the approval of the congregation and the Presbytery are required before the building project can proceed. See 2.20 and 2.21 of PCV Code 2021 for details of these steps.

Payment of Additional Costs Incurred for Assessing Applications

In the case where plans and specifications submitted for approval contain all the required information to enable them to be reviewed and approved then no additional costs will be incurred by the applicant and the cost of approval will be met by the PCV.

If the plans and specifications, as presented, are considered unsuitable or requiring solutions to be provided then the cost of the Church Architect in preparing these, should be met by the applicant. Sometime the situations are not clear and each matter that is referred to the Church Architect needs to be assessed individually based on its merit.


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