Social Services Committee

Committee Members

Jennifer Pilgrim (Convenor), Tom Cunneen (Treasurer), Luke Isham (Secretary), Grant Lawry, Dennis Conradi, Elizabeth Lewis.

Committee Activities

The Social Services Committee administers four bequests, providing grants from the interest earned, via the application forms below.
Apart from the PYV which applies directly to the Committee for grants from the Thomas Hall Trust, all grant applications must come from a Session.

The Thomas Hall Trust

Originally setup for the care of children in “Cottage Houses’ and the St Johns Home for Boys and Girls in Canterbury” it was decided by the Trusts Corporation in 2008 to allocate grants “as near as possible” to the original purpose of the bequest. Grants are provided from this bequest to Presbyterian children attending residential events including Presbyterian Youth of Victoria camps and congregational camps.

The Douglas and Challenger Trusts

These two trusts are dedicated to the assistance of poor Victorians under the care of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.

The Brocklesby Trust

This trust is especially focused on women within the Presbyterian Church of Victoria who are in “genuine need”.

Bequest Policies