Health and Community Chaplaincy Committee

    The Health and Community Chaplaincy Committee oversee Presbyterian staff and volunteer chaplains in hospitals, aged care, the police, prisons, the CFA, sporting organisations, the deaf community and universities across Victoria.


    Here are some ways chaplaincy, counselling and pastoral support can be provided to those in our PCV congregations who need it.


    Since mid-March, our HCCC-authorised volunteer hospital chaplains have been prevented from making their normal rounds of hospital visits to Presbyterian patients.  This does not prevent them from “doing what chaplains do” by phone or internet.

    If you, a family member, or a member of your congregation is hospitalised and could benefit from some “virtual” chaplaincy, send the details to our Chaplaincy Support Worker, Ashley Manly.  He will seek to put one of our authorised volunteer hospital chaplains in touch with you.  Contact Ashley at


    Frontline healthcare workers are under particular stress at this time.  Our NSW counterpart, Jericho Road, now has an open chat time with its Senior Chaplain, Rev Ian Schoonwater.  He has graciously extended availability to all healthcare workers who are part of any PCV congregation.  Ian has worked as a hospital chaplain and has some insight into how difficult this time is for our healthcare workers.

    Ian hosts a live chat on Tuesdays 9-9:30am and Thursdays 5-5:30pm where anyone can just drop in.  He leads a short devotion and there is opportunity to pray together, to share concerns and to generally support one another.  The chats are held via Zoom and the Meeting ID is 654 470 888.


    Ministry families are also likely to be under extra stress at this time. Our Ministry Family Assistance program provides up to four free counselling sessions per family in any financial year.  It applies to ministers, home missionaries and working licentiates, their wives and their children under 18.  All inquiries and referrals are done in strict confidence.

    Although the HCCC budget only extends to counselling costs for ministry families, our Chaplaincy Support Worker can put anyone else associated with a PCV congregation in touch with one of our recognised Christian counsellors.

    Contact Ashley Manly at


    The Committee also pastorally support Presbyterian ministry families through the work of our Ministers’ Wives Pastoral Support Worker and through the provision of camps and retreat groups for ministers and their families.
    Pastoral Support Worker- Ministry Wives.

    Our Pastoral Support Worker, Robyn Johnson, is, in effect, our chaplain to the wives of PCV ministers, home missionaries and working licentiates.

    If you are a ministry wife, and you need pastoral support at this difficult time, feel free to contact Robyn on

    0413 275 555 or email


    HCCC also pastorally support ministers and home missionaries and their families in various ways. The ministry family camp, Ministry Family Assistance (MFA) free counselling program and occasional book distributions are some of the ways HCCC does this. For further information on these initiatives, contact the HCCC Chaplaincy Support Worker, Ashley Manly at


    Good Friday Appeal

    The Good Friday Appeal is an annual opportunity to seek the financial support for the provision of Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care ministries within our state. We consider this partnership opportunity both a privilege and a blessing.

    Monies received from the Appeal each year are a vital component of our Committee budget, allowing us to support and grow the wider work of Presbyterian chaplaincy across our state. The HCCC’s current field of work covers public hospitals, the deaf community, prison visitation, university ministries, police stations, emergency services and the provision of pastoral care for our own ministry families. This year our Good Friday Appeal was held across the churches in Victoria on Friday 2nd April 2021.

    Please consider giving generously to the wider work of the Health and Community Chaplaincy Committee

The HCCC and chaplains meeting in December 2016

Royal Children’s Hospital:
Mrs Gita Dickinson

Mrs Suzanne Oakes

“For I was hungry
And you gave me something to eat …
I was a stranger
and you invited me in …
I was sick and you looked after me,
I was in prison
and you came to visit me.”
Matthew 25:35-39
Campers at the 2016 Ministry Family Camp
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