Exit Appointment – Damian Meeuwissen


I grew up on a beautiful 50-acre farm in the Illawarra, in New South Wales. The farm was situated on the escapement overlooking Wollongong, in a rural locality called ‘Yellow Rock’. I lived there with for the first 12 years of my life and still have very fond memories of the place.  After this, my family moved from NSW to another farm in Hoddles Creek in the Yarra Valley. I left school in year 10 to work on the family farm growing berry fruit.

My wife Fiona grew up in Millgrove, a small town near Warburton, and studied child care after high school.  We met sometime during the 90’s at a PYV bush dance and were married in 2002.  We spent the first couple of years of our married life living in Hoddles Creek, and then moved to Woori Yallock, where we were members of the Presbyterian Church.  We now have five children, Mindy (14 years old), Josiah (12), Elouise (3), Titus (2), and Tiffany, who was born on February 3rd  this year!

I grew up in a Christian home and have attended churches all my life. However, I believe I truly became a Christian during my thirties when I first understood grace in a profound way. This in turn led me to follow a calling into ministry. At the PCV’s Theological College (PTC), I think the preaching subjects have been practically helpful, particularly as you need a workable system to prepare sermons week to week under time pressure.

As someone who comes off the land, I am excited with our appointment to the Camperdown, Noorat and Terang Presbyterian churches. My plan of approach is in one sense very simple – preach the gospel and love God and your neighbour.  However, nothing is always simple. There are many challenges which accompany a three-church parish. The first steps involve getting to know the people and serving with patience.  Please pray for us, and for them!