HCCC Christmas function


On the 6th of December, the Health & Community Chaplaincy Committee celebrated at its annual Christmas function for Committee members, HCCC Staff & PCV Associated Chaplains and special guests.

Those attending and invited guests were:

HCCC Convener: Rev Phil Court

HCCC Co-ordinator : Mrs Kathy James

HCCC Administrator: Mrs Anne Harvey

HCCC members : Revs Phil Chang, Grant Vayne, Daniel Dixon, Miles Fagan and Chuol Yat, Mrs Alison Robertson, Mrs Rosemary Obrien, Mrs Louise Garrett

HCCC Staff Chaplains : Mrs Suzanne Oakes and Mrs Gita Dickinson (Royal Childrens Hospital), Mr Ian Waller (Western Health), Mrs Chris LePage (Northern Health) and Rev& Mrs Tony & Anne Salisbury (Deaf Chaplaincy)

PCV Associated Chaplains : Rev Matt James and Mrs Janine Motyer representing Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes

This year’s special guests included PCV Moderator, Rev Robert White, the outgoing Convener of the PCV Social Services Committee Mr Robert Lowe and the HCCC’s designate to the role of Pastoral Support Worker Ministry Wives in 2018, Mrs Robyn Johnson.

The Committee gives thanks to God for the work of all our Chaplains on behalf of the PCV in 2017!

Rev Phil Court and Mrs Kathy James


Mrs Suzanne Oakes, Mrs Gita Dickinson Mrs Anne Salisbury, Rev Tony Salisbury


Mrs Chris Le Page


Mrs Robyn Johnson, Rev Matt James, Mrs Alison Robertson


Mr Ian Waller, Mrs Rosemary O’Brien, Mrs Robyn Johnson


Standing L to R: Rev Phil Court, Mrs Kathy James, Mrs Anne Harvey
Seated (facing camera): Revs Daniel Dixon, Robert White, Mr Rob Lowe