Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving Notes 2023-2024


From the minutes of the 2023 General Assembly

 ‘Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)


Australian Presbyterian World Mission (Vic) Committee

Responsible for Victorian Presbyterian missionaries and assisting in their support on the field and during Home Assignments, maintaining Partner Agency and Partner Church relationships, promoting mission work and our missionaries within the congregations of the PCV.

Convener: Rev David Schulz

  • Pray for the man of God’s choosing to replace Rev Kevin Murray as the APWM National Director when he retires from his position at the end of 2025.
  • Praise God for the wonderful missionary team that he has raised up within our denomination with the necessary gifting and passion to work cross-culturally both in Australia and overseas.
  • Pray to the Lord of the harvest to thrust forth fresh labourers into the harvest fields of the world.
  • Give thanks for God’s goodness in the generosity of God’s people in giving to the special appeals for Matt and Kate Vinicombe and the solar panels for Talua, Vanuatu.
  • Be encouraged to use the missionary poster to inspire greater awareness and prayer for the world-wide mission of God.
  • Take an active interest in our diaspora missionaries working in Australia through prayer, giving, and personal contact.

Women’s Ministries Victoria Committee

Responsible for supporting and growing women’s ministries within the PCV and assisting women towards maturity in Christ

Convener: Rev Ben Johnson

Worker: (Women’s Ministries Facilitator) Mrs Kathryn Gatt

  • Pray for the women in the church that they might continue to mature in Christ, be equipped to minister to others in the body of Christ, and be salt and light as ambassadors of Christ in the world.
  • Pray for Kathryn Gatt in her continued service to our local churches and the women of the PCV.


Church and Nation Committee

Responsible for interacting with the State on issues that impact the PCV and educating the PCV about those issues

Convener: Rev Christopher Duke

  • Give thanks to God for the prayerful support of the PCV and its Church and Nation Committee as it has sought to present the claims of Christ and Christian concerns and perspectives to members of parliament and other leaders in our community.
  • Pray for the work of this committee and its members, praying that God will continue to equip and guard committee members in this challenging ministry.
  • Give thanks to God for the hard-working and dedicated committee members and the former researcher, Mrs Moira Deeming.
  • Give thanks and pray for Rev Surendra Wesley in his role as the PCV representative on Victoria’s Multifaith Advisory Group.
  • Pray for the Australian Law Reform Commission’s forthcoming report into the application of anti-discrimination laws to religious educational institutions, that religious freedom would be upheld, especially that Christian schools may retain the right to employ staff whose doctrine and lives are consistent with Christian teaching.
  • Pray that the PCV, its schools, and other Christian churches and schools would courageously stand firm for biblical truth, clearly articulating that truth, especially in areas of pressure in our society such as sexuality and gender.
  • Pray for Australian Christians in the face of potential increased persecution that they would not give way to fear but would have courage and wisdom from Christ’s Spirit as we imitate him.
  • Pray for the passing of the Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2022, and the saving of many lives.
  • Pray for the planning of the 2024 Religion in the Public Square Colloquium 12-13 July 2024, the guest speakers, and encouraging attendance, that God’s people would be equipped for the days ahead.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Church Planting Committee

Responsible for establishing new congregations within the PCV

Convener: Rev Aaron Boyd

Officer:  Rev Richard Wilson

  • Praise God for the faithful service of all members of the Church Planting Committee.
  • Give thanks to God for the faithful and fruitful ministry of Rev Richard Wilson, the Church Planting Officer.
  • Pray for continued growth in the work of the gospel at Fresh Start Presbyterian Church – Donnybrook.
  • Pray for the millions of lost people across Victoria, and ask the Lord Jesus to fill us with his heart of compassion towards them.

Defence Force Chaplaincy Committee

Responsible for nominating chaplains for service within the Australian Defence Force and promoting such service within the PCV

Convener: Rev Miles Fagan

  • Pray for ADF chaplains as they engage in all facets of life with the men and women of the ADF, and that they may be the presence of Christ in their midst.
  • Pray for chaplains as they engage with members affected by Moral Injury with wisdom and compassion through Pastoral Narrative Disclosure.

Exit Student’s Committee

Responsible for the placement of exit students for ministry in charges where there is a reasonable prospect of obtaining a settlement.

Convener:  Rev Gary Stephens

  • Thank the Lord for his continuing provision of candidates for ministry in PCV churches and pray that he will continue to raise up suitable labourers for the shepherding of his people.
  • Pray for the exiting candidates as they complete their studies, engage in final assessments, go through trials for licensing, relocate, set about establishing relationships in new church families, love God’s people and discern how to best carry out the ministry the Lord wants done in the respective congregations.
  • Pray that the churches will receive the candidates and their families well and look forward to striving side by side together in the gospel.
  • Pray that by God’s grace the exit appointments will be fruitful and that the candidates and their families will be able to persevere for many years in ministry.

The 2023 Exit Students are:

  • Mitchell Amoah: Assistant at Frankston Presbyterian Church
  • Stephen Denness: Leongatha Presbyterian Church
  • Cameron Weir: Colac Presbyterian Church

Ministry Development Committee

Responsible for promoting the health of congregations more than 5 years old, and home mission charges and special interest congregations of any age

Convener: Rev Stuart Withers 

Ministry Development Officer: Rev Chris Siriweera

  • Pray that Rev Chris Siriweera would be blessed with wisdom and insight to enable him to serve others in further developing ministry and mission in the PCV.
  • Thank God for the provision of the Thompson Trust and its support of evangelism in the past year and pray that the Lord will draw all his people savingly to himself (John 6:44).

State News Committee

Responsible for the oversight and production of the ‘Fellow Workers’ magazine

Convener: Rev Stephen McDonald

  • Give thanks to God for the work of the State News Committee to inform and encourage the wider church.


METRO Committee

(Ministry ∙ Equipping ∙ Training ∙ Recruitment ∙ Organisation)

Responsible for recruiting, training and equipping gospel workers through traineeships within the PCV

Convener: Rev Clinton Le Page

  • Thank God for all who’ve graduated from their METRO and YouthMETRO traineeships, and for how God has grown the convictions, character and competencies of those individuals, and blessed others through them.
  • Thank God for Maddy O’Brien’s help and service to God through the METRO Committee’s Admin Assistant role.
  • Pray for those undergoing training in gospel ministry at the moment, and for wisdom and faithfulness, grace and godliness for those training them.
  • Pray for more pastors, teachers, small group leaders, pastoral carers, evangelists, missionaries, and church planters to be raised up for the PCV and beyond.
  • Pray for more people (and churches) to apply to do METRO, YouthMETRO and EquipMETRO traineeships in the future for the cause of the gospel, and the growth of the church in number and maturity.

Safe Church Committee

Responsible for overseeing the Safe Church Unit and its employees, advising the courts of the PCV on compliance to State and Federal laws and any non-compliance with Safe Church policies and procedures

Convener: Rev Brian Harvey            

Officer: Mrs Fiona Bligh                                     

  • Give thanks to God for the continued work of Fiona Bligh as Safe Church Facilitator and pray for God’s protection over her in her role.
  • Give thanks to God for the continued work of Ashley Manly as Safe Church Compliance and Administration Officer and pray for God’s help for him in his important compliance role.


Presbyterian Youth and Children Committee

Responsible for: overseeing state-level PCV youth and children’s ministry in Victoria, providing advice and training to congregations as requested, directing the Youth and Children’s Worker

Convener: pray for the Selection Committee as it seeks to appoint a convener to this committee.

  • Give thanks to God for a successful 2023 Summer Camp and three successful 2023 Big Days Out.
  • Ask God to bless the upcoming 2024 Summer Camp (9-12 Jan—Winter Camp 8-10 Jun) and upcoming Big Days Out in 2024 (TBA). 
  • Give thanks to God for all the volunteers who serve on the various committees and subcommittees and who serve as leaders at the camps and Big Days Out.
  • Ask God to give wisdom to the committee members in their search for a Youth and Children’s Worker and Administrator and for God to guide suitable people to the committee.

Ad hoc Enactment of Presbyterian Care Victoria Ltd Committee

Responsible for transferring Kirkbrae from the Social Services Committee to the Board of Presbyterian Care Victoria Ltd

Convener: Mr Iain Bramley

  • Pray for the wellbeing of Kirkbrae residents, staff and management and the members of the committee and the continued improvement in the financial situation for the betterment of the Kirkbrae residents and staff.
  • Give thanks for Duncan McGregor’s leadership and contribution to the work of the committee and to Kirkbrae, and pray that the Lord will continue to bless him and use him in his service.

Social Services Committee

Responsible for the planning, development, administration and oversight of social services agreed to by the General Assembly, except Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes.

Convener: Mrs Jenny Pilgrim

  • Pray for the Trusts Corporation and the Social Services Committee as they work together to ensure the administration of the trusts is aligned with the terms of each trust.


Theological Education Committee

Responsible for the oversight of the Presbyterian Theological College

Convener: Rev Kevin Maxwell

Principal: Rev Peter Hastie

  • Praise God for the leadership of Rev Peter Hastie and the dedication and faithfulness of the faculty and staff.
  • Thank God for the service of Martin de Pyle on the Theological Education Committee.
  • Thank God for the faithful service of Janelle Born and Heather Feidler. Pray that God will bless their future endeavours.
  • Thank God for the provision of Rosemary Chandra, Ben Palmer and Michael Smith, and pray that they will know God’s blessing on their work at the College.
  • Praise God for the provision of a gifted team of adjunct lectures who ably support the college, it staff and students.
  • Praise God for the calibre and quality of the students and candidates preparing for gospel ministry at PTC. Pray that they will grow in their love for God and giftedness for His service as they study.
  • Ask Christ to continue to give gifts to his church in the form of faithful and godly men and women who are willing to serve his people in gospel ministry.
  • Pray that God will grant the TEC wisdom and prudence as they seek to meet the challenging circumstances that lie ahead.
  • Pray that our Lord will again provide all our needs, particularly suitable qualified lecturers to equip His church.
  • Pray that the College will be able to quickly meet the requirements of the ACT Affiliated College Risk and Compliance Reporting Framework.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash