Appointments of Exiting Students 2023


Rev. Gary Stephens

Exit Students Committee Convener

On the 30th June the PCV Exit Committee was pleased to be able to finalise the appointments of the three Exiting Students for 2023: Mitchell Amoah, Steve Denness and Cameron Weir.

With ministry beginning in 2024 the following appointments were made:

Mitchell Amoah (and Sarah and family) to serve as Assistant at Frankston Presbyterian Church. The committee saw this appointment as an excellent opportunity to establish a team ministry so that the growing work at Frankston would not be hindered.

Steven Denness (and Melanie and family) appointed to Leongatha Presbyterian Church. The Leongatha story has been wonderful to observe over the last 18 months as the church has grown from around 15 regulars to now have 50 attendees under the ministry of the Drouin PC team. Steve and his family and Leongatha were a good fit to carry this work on into the future.

Cameron Weir (and Annie and family) has been appointed to Colac. A congregation vacant for some time and with an opportunity to be a strong witness for the gospel in the town and region, Cam and Annie’s heart for country regions made them an easy choice to work at Colac to strengthen and build up the church.  

From beginning to end the appointment process was encouraging on many aspects:

  • The genuine conversations and humble intent of the students to serve the Lord and labour for His body, the church.
  • The encouragement of meeting student families and witnessing their joint desire to minister to the Lord’s people.
  • The gracious provision of the Lord of suitable and positive ministry appointments to be made.
  • The unity of mind amongst the Exit Committee as we interviewed the students, their families and came to conclusions regarding the appointment possibilities.

Please join with the committee in praying for these appointments as the students complete their studies over the remaining months of 2023, as they relocate and set about establishing relationships and loving God’s people and discern how to best carry out the ministry the Lord wants done in the respective congregations.