Good Friday Appeal 2023


Please consider partnering with the PCV Health & Community Chaplaincy Committee this year by prayerfully and financially giving to the Good Friday Appeal on 7th April 2023.

The HCCC currently employs two paediatric chaplains based at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

God provides many daily opportunities for our chaplains to care for families, infants, children and young people during incredibly challenging times, heartbreaking moments, through pain and uncertainty.

The HCCC also supports the work of Volunteer Hospital Chaplains, Police Chaplains, Prison Chaplains, University Chaplains and Ministry to the Deaf.

HCCC supports Victorian families in Presbyterian church ministry by providing a Ministry Wives Chaplain, the Ministry Assistance Program and Ministry Family Camps.

The HCCC need your help to continue doing the work we do, so that people may come to know, love and trust in Jesus through chaplaincy work and can continue supporting those in ministry around Victoria.

Thank you for your generosity and support.