Brian D Bayston OAM


(28 July 1930 – 7 May 2021)

Former long-serving Law Agent of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (1974 – 2014), loyal Presbyterian, faithful and tireless defender of the Christian faith, Scotch College Council member (31 years), Brian D Bayston OAM, died on 7 May 2021, aged 90. 

His funeral service was held at Scots’ Church, Melbourne on Friday 14 May 2021.  On behalf of the whole church, we convey our condolences to his wife Helen and family, and assure them of our prayers for God’s mercy and comfort at their loss. We concur and affirm how Brian’s resolute faith in Christ has carried him through his long life, with many joys and trials along the way. He knew clearly of the Saviour’s grace, mercy and peace as he passed away.  

Rev Philip D Mercer, Moderator
Rev John P Wilson, Clerk of Assembly