PYV Bonfire Night


On Friday Night (13th July), PYV (Presbyterian Youth Victoria) had their social event for the year. This year’s event was a Bonfire Night held at New Life Presbyterian Church in Officer where approximately 110 youth and leaders came together to eat delicious food, play games and hear a gospel talk by Rev Dave Martin.

Dave spoke from Matthew 1 saying that Jesus’ name means ‘the Lord saves’, meaning that Jesus is both our Saviour and Lord. He highlighted how it is difficult to obey Jesus as Lord when we are proud, so we need to humble ourselves before we are washed out to sea. Jacob York shared his testimony and spoke about how he has grown as a Christian through the grace of God.

Although it was a cold night, everyone kept warm by the bonfire along with a cup of hot chocolate or chai in hand. Marshmallows of course were toasted by the fire and enjoyed by all with one of the youth members saying she’d had 13 marshmallows!

A huge thanks to Bec Grace and her team for organising a great night where our youth and leaders were able to spend time together and build on both old and new friendships. Another big thanks to Dave and Jan at New Life Officer for allowing PYV to use their property as well for all their hard work cooking the delicious lamb on the spit roast!